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Your donation will support one of our feeding program's monthly operational cost & food supplies. 


World Missions Outreach has partnered with 40 churches across Nicaragua. Each church provides an opportunity for children to receive a hot nutritious meal every day.


Food represents life. Meals are what bring people together, where memories are made & stories are told. These daily programs create an open door to meet the physical needs of children, while also providing education, mentorship & discipleship opportunities. Each program has an outreach & education meeting before the food is served. 


World Missions Outreach is looking for churches, schools, colleges, groups, clubs, non-profits, businesses, grant writers, individuals, or anyone who wants to partner alongside our ministry; so that together we can continue sowing into the Kingdom and growing the next generation of Kingdom builders.


  • We are looking for partners who are willing to sponsor a feeding program at one of our World Missions Outreach Community Churches or Outreach Centers.

  • Partnering with a World Mission Outreach feeding program helps provide children with a hot nutritious meal, a safe place to grow in a faith-based community,  and an opportunity to learn about Jesus with dedicated mentors.

  • Your partnership helps provide 15,000 meals a day and 5.4 million meals a year.

  • You will receive personalized updates and heartfelt ways to say thank you for your sponsorship.

  • 100% of every donation will go directly to its intended purpose. No one on WMO's administration takes a salary or money from any donations.


This is not just a one time hand out that you will never know its effect.

This is a way that we can truly measure the success of combating childhood hunger and end the generational cycle of poverty through faith, education, and nutrition. We are giving students a chance at a different future. This is how you change the future. Your partnership will help keep World Missions Outreach's ministry alive and allow God's work to continue.

Sponsor 150 Meals Every Month

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Sponsor 150 Meals
Per Month
$50.00cada mes hasta que se cancele
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