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World Missions Outreach Donna Wright

Amanda and I have been in Nicaragua since January. School started back in February and we are seeing children’s lives changed. We are seeing results and success from the work that God is doing through World Missions Outreach.

In our school we see young people give their hearts to God and choose to serve him. We have two teachers that attended our high school graduating classes, went on to college, and now have returned to teach in our WMO school.

We have helped students in our school with scholarships to continue their education through college. Those students are now Doctors, Lawyers, translators, preachers, government leaders, as well as and many other jobs. Your support for WMO is truly making a difference that is visibly life changing to our students. WMO’s success is seen through our students success! Their success can be measured as a tangible testimony to the success of our program and partnership efforts.

Every day, week, and Month God is helping us to continue the work here in Nicaragua. I am doing all I can to try to make money for what we need each month to keep the Mission schools and feeding programs going, but I do not have the capacity to go make the money needed each month as Larry did. God is awesome and even though we get behind sometimes, He always provides one way or another. I know to look to the Lord but sometimes you have to let others know the situation or the needs so that God can move in their hearts to help.

Due to unexpected issues and expenses, such as the civil crisis and unrest over the past year that has affected Nicaragua gravely, having to replace the water well twice in one month, and other projects like having to replace the Mission house roof is what creates a larger problem to meet financially each month.


To mention a few of our biggest needs...
•We are about $2000 behind on the power bill 
•$4500 on the Teachers payroll and Insurance bills. 
•$2500 for a new school roof before the rainy season starts. 
• $2000 for the customs agent for a container of food for feeding programs. 
•4 tires for the feeding program truck.

There are many other needs, but these are the most pressing.

I would never ask for myself but only for the Mission and the kids of Nicaragua, If there is any way you can help us this month, whatever you can send will be greatly appreciated. By you helping the ministry that God is doing through WMO, it will only further the blessings that God has blessed you with.

Please continue to pray for us as we are seeking and praying to find a partner for our schools and mission to help support this ministry and alleviate the pressure that it puts on all of us financially to scrape up what we have left to keep it running.

I know that God has a plan and is constantly working things out for our good. We put our trust in Him and continue to work as He continues to move the mountains that try to prevent us from continuing.


-Donna Wright
World Missions Outreach President

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