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Africa Mission Outreach

Nigeria has overtaken India as the country with the largest number of people living in extreme poverty, with an estimated 87 million Nigerians, or around half of the country's population, thought to be living on less than $1.90 a day.

The findings, based on a projection by the World Poverty Clock and compiled by Brookings Institute, show that more than 643 million people across the world live in extreme poverty, with Africans accounting for about two-thirds of the total number.

In Nigeria, as with other countries on the continent, that figure is projected to rise. By the end of 2019 in Africa as a whole, there will probably be about 3.2 million more people living in extreme poverty than there are today.


Our Mission - World Missions Outreach 

World Missions Outreach is a nonprofit organization that is redefining mission work, mission trips, & humanitarian aid through developing a culture of self-sustainability.


We believe in developing leaders who become a catalyst that empower others to achieve success within their own communities. World Missions Outreach Ministry provides students a chance at a different future. Through our missions, you can actually see and measure the growth, development, and success your effort are creating.


World Missions Outreach provides a hand up, not just a handout. We provide trade skill classes to equip our students with the tools to bring food to the table and career for their future. We want to change the culture and the way you look at giving and charity by feeling inspired, not guilted, to join a movement that is truly making a difference.  


These are the faces of the future!


Our mission is to equip the now generation with the tools and resources of self-sustainable education to end the generational cycle of poverty. We provide students with a chance to learn and receive an education through core fundamental courses & trade skill classes such as agriculture, woodwork, English, computer tech and more. We are giving students a chance at a different future.


This isn't just a one time hand out that you will never know its effect or actually see it make a change. This is a way that we can truly measure the success of combating childhood hunger and end the generational cycle of poverty. Through our mission, you can actually see and measure the growth, development, and difference your partnership makes. 


We also provide high school graduates with scholarships to college in efforts to help them continue reaching their full potential. World Missions Outreach Schools opened in 2001. We have students who never imagined graduating high school that now have prestigious careers. We have students who graduated from our program and are now doctors, lawyers, translators and even teach at our WMO Schools. For almost all of our students, they are the first in their family to complete high school and graduate.


This is the most authentic way of how we can measure the difference you make!


Along with education, World Missions Outreach provides 15,000 meals a day. 5.4 million meals a year, and over 92 million meals in total at our 60 outreach programs through Central America and Africa.


100% of every donation goes to it's intended purpose. Please help us keep education possible for our students. 


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